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Brightspark Tour Leaders are carefully selected and intensely trained to deliver SPARKTACULAR tours. Not only are they well prepared to manage large groups and deal with emergencies, but also equipped with educational content and interactive games to keep students engaged at every stop on the tour.

  • Talia V.
    It was easy for her to develop a rapport with teachers and kids. She was a Brightspark with her enthusiasm and energy! She saved our dance by creating routines for our girls to perform. T. P. - PDSB


    According to Talia:

    My favourite place that I have ever visited is Mikuni, a small coastal town in the Fukui Prefecture in Japan, where I had the opportunity to go on an exchange when I was in high school. The landscape, culture and of course food were like nothing I have ever experienced before - I am definitely going back sometime and can’t wait to discover more of what the world has to offer! 

  • Evan L.
    Evan had tremendous energy and enthusiasm and built positive rapport with our students very quickly. D. S. - UGDSB


    According to Evan:

    I’m at Queen’s University to become a drama and history teacher, and I strongly believe in pairing education with fun and so does Brightspark! In my opinion, having fun and learning along the way is an important part of being young, which is why all of my tours know off by heart when Canada was confederated and can say “Gala” in their fanciest British accent.


  • Anoop K.
    Anoop was great, respectful, and fun with kids. Enthusiastic and knowlegeable. Cool as a cucumber. D.P. - TDSB


    According to Anoop:

    I love to dance. Any time I hear music, I can get up and get a crowd joining in to do a small dance. Sometimes people will see me dancing while walking to school because I absolutely love how free and effortless it is to do.

  • Reilly F.
    Rielly was organized, punctual and very helpful. Always in touch with us. Very polite, interested, and professional. S.M. - SMCDSB


    According to Reilly:

    Favourite tour memory:  My group breaking out into song and dance on the stage in Central Park and drawing an appreciative audience!  Most bizarre place I’ve visited is Monkey Bay, Thailand. No humans have ever lived there – only monkeys.

  • Xochil A.
    She was amazing. She was so helpful and able to plan on the fly. Was great with the kids. We would want her again next year. C.K - GEDSB


    According to Xochil:

    I love to travel! I have for as a long as I can remember. I have travelled in Central America and to some countries in Europe. I love leading tours because you get to see students make travel memories with their friends and learn at the same time. 

  • Ainslie-Maria D.
    Very professional, made personal connections with all the kids. a credit to your company, hold onto this one! C. S. - PDSB


    According to Ainslie-Maria:

    My father is a first generation Canadian and my mother a seventh generation Canadian who is related to General Wolfe. This has given me insight into the immigrant experience as well as deep appreciation for Canada's rich cultural history. 

  • Madi H.
    Fantastic student engagement. Madi is amazing, responsible, organized and genuine with kids. They love her and so do teachers. J. C. - Private


    According to Madi:

    Favourite tour memory:  When the shy, quiet student got up at the dance and belted "Just the Way You Are".  Also, I am a huge movie nerd. I have a full arsenal of movie quotes that come out on a regular basis.

  • Aakanksha J.
    Aakhansha was awesome! She built great relationships with the students. She went out of her way for both students and teachers. When we dropped her off at the Whitby GO station, the students were all sad to say goodbye, which is a testament to her character and commitment to ensuring that students had a fun and educational experience. She is an asset to your company, and we would love to have her guide our groups in the future. N.K. - PDSB


    According to Aakanksha:

    I'm an Indian-born, Dubai-bred, Toronto-lover accessorized with an Etta James/Lauryn Hill-inspired love for singing and spoken word poetry....because sometimes being a fiercely passionate rugby veteran just doesn't cut it these days.


On the road, our knowledgeable and flexible Tour Leaders manage all onsite logistics and make sure our teachers and students have an incredible travel experience!

Brightspark Tour Leaders are a select group of university and college students. They are all chosen based on their leadership skills, experience working with youth, and a bright personality of course! They must meet strict hiring criteria as well. If you or someone you know would make an excellent Brightspark Tour Leader, check this page in December of 2017, and apply for our 2018 season. 

Customer Focus

We prepare these bright, dynamic, outgoing and creative people to lead tours through our intensive training programs, both in the classroom and on the road. Our Tour Leaders learn how to safely and effectively lead a group of students, initiate interesting discussions appropriate to the age group, give information on the various sites of interest in an engaging way, and manage the many details of a group tour.


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