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Greece & Santorini: European Student Trip

A bright a colourful coastal town of Santorini overlooks the water.

Greece & Santorini: European Student Trip


Tour Snapshot

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Day 1:

Board your overnight flight to Athens                                   

Day 2: Athens - Loutraki    

Meet your tour leader at the airport

Begin your travels to Loutraki

Detour at the Corinth Canal

Day 3: Epidaurus – Mycenae – Nafplio - Loutraki

Travel to Epidaurus

Explore an Olive Plantation

Depart through orange and olive plantations to Mycenae

Stop in Nafplio

Travel back to Loutraki

Day 4: Acrocorinth - Ancient Corinth – Arahova - Delphi

Head to the Acrocorinth

Visit Ancient Corinth

You will see:

·         Temple of Apollo

·         The Peribolos of Apollo

Stop in at Arahova

End the day at Delphi

Day 5: Delphi - Athens

Explore the city of Delphi

You will see:

·         The Temple of Apollo

·         Delphi Archeological Museum

·         Amphictyonic Council

Lunch at En Delphi

Transfer to Athens

After dinner, partake in a ‘Myths and Legends” quiz

Day 6: Athens – Fira

Start the day by heading to the Port of Piraeus

Take the ferry to Santorini

Free time in the capital of Fira

Day 7: Akrotiri – Pirgos - Perissa        

Explore the city of Akrotiri

Stop of a picnic in Pirgos

Free time on the black sand beach of Perissa

Day 8: Kaimenes Islands – Fira - Athens

Start the day with a cruise to the Kaimenes Islands

Enjoy free time in Fira

Travel back to Athens on the ferry

Day 9: Athens

Experience the Acropolis with a panoramic walking tour

Visit Agora

Discover the neighbourhood of Pláka

Wander through the Monastiraki flea market

Continue on to Syntagma national garden

Explore the Kallimarmaro Stadium

Free time close to the hotel

Day 10: Athens

Travel to the airport for your flight home

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10-Day European School Trip

Discover prehistoric towns, mythological temples and ancient acropolises on this 10-day student tour through Greece and Santorini. This educational tour will allow your students to step into past with visits to Epidaurus, the theatre that birthed the Greek tragedy, the largest fortress in the country during the Middle Ages, the Acrocorinth, and the Acropolis of Athens, which contains the remains of several buildings with architectural and historical significance.

Trip Highlights: Athens, Loutraki, Epidarus, Mycenae, Nafplio, Acrocorinth, Ancient Corinth, Arahova, Delphi, Fira, Akrotiri, Pirgos, Perissa, Kaimenes Islands

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