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5 Interesting Facts About Venice You Probably Didn't Know

5 Interesting Facts About Venice You Probably Didn't Know featured image

Venice is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. But do you know Venice as well as you think? Take a look at some of these unique facts:

  1. It is forbidden to ride a bike in Venice. You can't push the bike either! And it's not just bikes that are illegal, but so are skateboards and roller blades. Since the city's streets are so narrow, but so busy, bikes pose a safety concern for the pedestrians. 

  2. There is only 1 female gondolier and she has only been working since 2010. 24-year-old Giorgia Boscolo broke a 900-year tradition when she became the first female gondolier. You can read more about her here!

    Photo of Venice's only Female Gondolier Girogia BoscolaPhotograph by: Chiara Churto via The Guardian

  3. Calle Varisco is the narrowest street in Venice. At just 50 centimeters at its narrowest point, it is one of the narrowest streets in the world. It's only a little bigger than Germany's Spreuerhofstraße (31 centimeters at its narrowest).

  4. The Carnival of Venice dates back to the 11th century. When it was first held, the Carnival ran for two months. Today, it's a great excuse for people in the city to parade around the city in mask and costume. 

    Person dressed up for Carnival with a venetian mask in Venice Italy

  5. The word Ciao has Venetian origins. In the Venetian dialect, the word means "I am at your service." Today, the word is used internationally in greeting or saying a goodbye. 

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