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Are you a teacher or trip planner ready to embark on an unforgettable trip with your class? Start here and learn how our tours work, what you should prepare for your trip, tour highlights to look forward to, and more!

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How It Works

Going on a Brightspark trip means you will always get an exceptional trip planning process, high quality products, and great hospitality from beginning to end. Read more about what makes our trips stand out on our How It Works page.

Included in Every Tour

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    Guaranteed Flights and Hotels

    We confirm the booking of flights and hotels when you submit your deposit to avoid last minute hiccups.

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    Centrally Located Accommodations

    Save hours avoiding long commutes and maximize your time in destination with hotels within the city limits.

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    Private Tours

    Personalize your class trip to suit your needs and be assured that your students will never be joined with another group.

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    Go, Discover, Inspire

    You are not a tourist but a traveller. We will expose you and your students to the soul of the destination and ignite their sense of wonder.

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Preparing For Your Trip

Here are a few resources to help you in the early stages of trip planning. 

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