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Brightspark is committed to ensuring that your students' allergies are taken into serious consideration while on tour. Although we cannot guarantee an allergen-free meal at restaurants or during a student's free time, we strive to accommodate all dietary needs. When given suitable notice, our team at Brightspark can help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip.

Stress-Free Meal Times:

  1. We partner with restaurants that have a variety of food options and accommodate food allergies.
  2. We work with trip organizers to select restaurants that accommodate cultural and religious needs.
  3. We collect and send allergy lists to restaurants, and provide special meals for these students.
  4. On tour, Brightspark Tour Leaders will inform restaurant staff of allergies, so students are served appropriate meals. At buffets, the Tour Leader will explain the options for students who have allergies or restrictions.
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Here are a few handy tips and tricks students can consider before going on tour:

Plan: Meet with a teacher. Discuss your needs during the trip. Be sure to notify the teacher of any medicine you may require.

Research: Create a list of restaurants with food options you can eat at during free time.

Supplement: Purchase and pack snacks and meals to eat on tour. You can also bring a cooler to store food on the bus. 

Students with severe allergies should consider a few of the following precautions:

  • Contacting restaurants for ingredient lists and meal options.
  • Packing food items, like snacks or non-perishables.
  • Requesting a fridge in the room to store additional food.
  • Carrying prescribed treatment and ensuring it is ready-for-administration by a person on the tour.
  • Contacting us with additional concerns.
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