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Sports Tours

Take your team on a sports-focused trip to destinations around the world to build strong teamwork, have friendly competitions with local teams, and attend professional games all while exploring new cities. Your team will have the opportunity to practice together and learn from experts in sports workshops and watch a live professional match! These sports trips will challenge your students to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership.

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Top-Notch Clinics

Your team will train with experts from around the world in clinics designed to help them work on technique, skill, and teamwork.

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Competitive Friendlies

Enjoy the unique opportunity to compete with teams that are matched with your team’s skill level for a fun and challenging experience.

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Watch Professional Games

Travelling internationally gives your students the chance to watch a live professional match between their favorite teams!

Brightspark is pleased to partner with WorldStrides Sports offering international sports tours around the globe. Since 1998, WorldStrides Sports has followed their goal of bringing soccer teams from North America to all over the world to participate in the world’s greatest game while breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. For more information, please visit the WorldStrides Sports' site.


WorldStrides sports team playing soccer

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