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Your Tour Directors

From the moment they step on the bus to the high-five goodbyes, our Tour Directors are committed to providing the best trip for you and your students. Armed with educational content and interactive games, your students will be entertained and engaged every second. Sit back, relax and let our Tour Directors handle all the details.

Meet Your Tour Directors

Adam Piper  photo

Adam Piper

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Alekzander Rosolowski  photo

Alekzander Rosolowski

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Austin Burr photo

Austin Burr

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Emma Chaikowsky photo

Emma Chaikowsky

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Hayden Spence  photo

Hayden Spence

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Hilary Menezes  photo

Hilary Menezes

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Jennifer Williams  photo

Jennifer Williams

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Lauren Brusby photo

Lauren Brusby

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Maria Angelica Mateus photo

Maria Angelica Mateus

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Mary Anne  photo

Mary Anne

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Michaela D'Cruz photo

Michaela D'Cruz

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Nicole Amirault photo

Nicole Amirault

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Nya Richards  photo

Nya Richards

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Raquelle Luis  photo

Raquelle Luis

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Sabrina Bello  photo

Sabrina Bello

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Sarah Ibrahim photo

Sarah Ibrahim

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Tamara Bozickovic photo

Tamara Bozickovic

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Taya Humpartzoomian photo

Taya Humpartzoomian

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