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5 Ways to Have an Awesome Bug-Free, Bite-Free Trip

5 Ways to Have an Awesome Bug-Free, Bite-Free Trip featured image


It’s a gorgeous spring day; you’re on an awesome school trip to Ottawa, tightening your shoe laces in Gatineau Park and preparing to dominate geo-caching in the forest. The start whistle blows! You make a dash for it, almost tripping on the laces you didn’t tie fast enough, and bam! Bugs, bugs everywhere.

But you are a champ. No critter or its angry family is stopping you from this activity. That’s because you followed these 5 simple steps to bug prevention. If only you researched shoelaces

1. Bug repellent

There’s nothing better at stopping bugs than poison and scents they hate. That’s why chemical engineers have spent decades perfecting aromas that cause bugs to stop mid-flight, turn around, and go home as fast as possible. When they smell your repellent, they have two options: attack and die, or go back to their loving bug wives.

2. Hoodies

OK, definitely not the most comfortable idea if it's warm out, but an option for those precious mega-bug moments. Sweaters with hoods (hoodies) cover your entire torso, arms, and head if needed. Tie the hoodie around your waist or keep it nearby for use in extreme situations. If you do end up using it, the bugs will love your fashion sense. Compliment this bug-free attire with full length leg wear (pants) instead of shorts. Remember, this one is more for those forest settings.

3. Scents

This time it’s not about what bugs hate, but what you enjoy.  What brings bugs to you in the first place, besides your dashing good looks? The way you smell! Cologne, perfume, shampoo, and body wash all contain aromas that attract bugs to you. Avoid stronger scents before a bug filled day and they’ll (hopefully) leave you alone.

4. Hygiene

First we tell you not to use body wash, now we’re telling you stay clean and avoid smelling like sweat. How do you accomplish both, you ask? Unscented body wash! Unscented deodorant! Unscented shampoo! The unscented options are endless. Depending on the length of your trip, it might be worth getting one of those small travel versions. The cleaner you are the less bugs will be attracted to you.

5. Clothes, again

What you wear has a huge impact on more than just your chances with your crush. Tuck your pants into your socks so no bug wanders up your leg. Wear light colour clothes so you can see bugs while they’re still outside your clothes. Light colour clothes will also prevent you from looking like a flower that needs pollinating. Remember, even though you’re wearing long sleeves and pants, they don’t have to be heavy. Shop smart and get lightweight outdoor clothing.

Though you may have tripped on a lace and ate some dirt, you didn’t get bit by any bugs! Now go celebrate that geo-caching championship free of itchy insect bites. Happy travels!