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Bullying Awareness Month Field Trips

Bullying Awareness Month Field Trips featured image


Bullying is a major problem that students face today, but the great news is that we can put an end to bullying. And one place to start is in the classroom. We have collected a list of anti bullying resources and field trip ideas that can make your class and school a healthy environment in which to grow and learn.

  1. Stop a Bully Teacher Resources

    Stop A Bully.ca has teacher resources for the different types of bullying students experience today. The site showcases Out In Schools, an award winning education program to better support  LGBTQ+ students. You can book a presentation with Out In Schools to tackle homophobia, transphobia, and bullying. Stop a Bully also has educational resources to help protect students from cyberbullying, like these teacher lesson plans from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. And most importantly, you can review the Canadian statistics on bullying to become familiar with this problem. Check out a full list of their resources here

  2. Videos To Play in the Classroom

    Last year, we collected a list of great videos to share in class during bullying awareness month. This film from Burger King  is a great example of the bystander effect.  Would customers step in when they watched the bullying? Find out by watching the video below! 


  3. Lori Pearlstein's Playworks Keep Improving   

    Lori's Playworks workshop will help empower your elementary class and build their confidence. The Kindness Workshops will let students role play what to do when bullied. These bullying prevention workshops are a great interactive way for students to work together and build skills to combat bullying. 



  4. The Power of Me: The Anti-Bullying Workshop

    If your class is heading to New York, you can add this Power of Me Anti-bullying Workshop to your itinerary. Your class will use theatre and drama activities to build a positive atmosphere to learn how to overcome bullying with awareness and  Students will have a chance to do a Q&A with a Broadway performer after being taught by a qualified teaching artist.

  5. School Programs at Tenement Museum 

    The Tenement Museum is another great field trip idea if you're heading to New York. This Museum focuses on the migrant, refugee, and immigrant experience in New York. You can also try a Professional Development Workshop where their experts will lead workshops on culture, discrimination and more. Even if you can't make it out to the museum, the museum shares teacher resources using materials from their archives.