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Best School Fundraising Ideas: Recipes in a Jar

Best School Fundraising Ideas: Recipes in a Jar featured image


School fundraising is always a great way for students to get involved with school initiatives and start saving for their class trip. Recipes in a Jar is a unique and exciting fundraising tool that lets students sell a really delicious meal that's easy to prepare. Share this with your students to organize a fundraiser that's sure to be a big hit!


Recipes in a Jar (Recettes en Pot) is a company that helps create fundraising campaigns in socially responsible ways. They offer simple and healthy recipes that you can make in 5 minutes. Their recipes include lentil curry, vegetarian chili, brownies, and more!

The company promises to match each jar sold with their own donation of a jar to a local Canadian shelter.  This company works as a charity and a fundraising tool to help your students earn money for their class trip while giving back to people in need.


 Why use Recipes in a Jar for your next fundraiser?

  • For each jar sold, a meal is donated to a food bank.
  • Recipes in a Jar meals are healthy, delicious, and can be made in under 5 minutes.
  • Your school will be designated a representative to help with all the details.
  • They handle all payments, logistics and delivery, leaving your students to sell the products.
  • Recipes in a Jar works with non-profit organizations to help create jobs for workers with limitations.

Give back to the community while earning money for your next school trip. Find out more about Recipes in a Jar here.