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Halloween at Brightspark

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Halloween is always an exciting time at Brightspark. Office_Halloween_2013Every year we have a costume contest where Brightsparkers show off their costume creativity! While getting my spooky costume together for this years festivities I was thinking of some of the scariest stories I've ever heard. Most of them were on Ghost Tours during my time as a Tour Leader. So this Halloween I present the top 5 spookiest ghost tour cities:


5. Ghost Tour of Alexandria

Home to one of the most active makeshift hospitals during the American Civil War and one of the most prosperous colonial towns in the US, Alexandria has an incredible and spooky history to be told. A guide dressed in 18th century clothing leads your group through the old cobblestone streets, passed houses and into graveyards to discover Alexandria's past and see if anyone from that past still lingers there today. 


4. Salem Historical Tours

Where better to spend a spooky evening than the epicenter of the "Witch Trials," Salem, Massachusetts? Follow a lantern-carrying Haunted Footsteps Guide through the streets of this small and sleepy town and discover it's grisley past. From tales of witch trials to the grisley details of witch executions and the eerie things that still happen in some of the sites where "witches" were killed, you'll hear it all!

Ghost_tours_of_Quebec3. Ghost Tour of Quebec City

Site of the first European settlment in French Canada, Quebec is the only walled city left in North America and a UNESCO world heritage site. With all of that history, Quebec City has some chilling tales burried in it's past. Follow a theatrical guide through the old streets and learn about murders, ghosts, witches and the last night of the RMS Empress of Ireland along with the fate of the 1400 souls on board. 

Haunted_Walk_Logo2. Haunted Walks of Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto

Haunted Walks thoroughly researches and verifies every spine-chilling story they tell on their tours, and sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction. Follow a cloaked guide through any one of the 3 formal capitals of Canada. You are bound to sleep with one eye open after their tales. 

Ghost_Walk_Gettysburg1. Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Tours

Creeping into the #1 spot is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was a quiet town of only 2,000 people in the early 1860's, but became the site of the bloodiest days of fighting during the civil war. Over 15,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or went missing during the battle many of them as young as 16. Gettysburg is known as one of the most haunted places in North America as many of the young men are said to still roam the battlefield, unable to find peace after their violent death. This is not only a Ghost walk, your colonial garbed guides also have tools for contacting the spirits that remain in the fields. Try sleeping after hearing a voice from the beyond say your name! 

If you dare...When planning your next trip with Brightspark, ask your Sales Representative what spooky tours you can take. Have a safe and Happy Halloween readers! Or as we like to say -- Have a Spooktacular Halloween!