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Thank You Miss Murley For The Best Week Of My Life!

Thank You Miss Murley For The Best Week Of My Life! featured image

Dear Miss Murley,

Thank you for taking us to Ottawa this year it was such a cool experience! To me, the best part of the trip was the bus ride, the snow kingdom and skating on the Rideau Canal. I feel this because all of those activities had one thing in common; they allowed the students in our grade to spend quality time with one another participating in the same activity. On the bus ride, the students of our grade laughed, sang, talked and watched popular movies together. In the snow kingdom, everyone, including me slid down the slopes, ate the same foods, played on the same sleds and took pictures together. We also experienced the same unified feeling while skating on the Rideau Canal. Overall those activities gave our grade the opportunity to develop a safe, trusting, happy community together.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was our visit to the Canadian War Museum. The tour guide explained how the architecture reflected the most marking events that occurred during its construction. Such as the burning of the first parliament building. To remember it, the makers of the building incorporated the roof from the Parliament Library into the museum. While it seems that the walls of the halls are marble, it’s actually the recycled copper, which was really cool to look at up-close.

I would definitely recommend this trip for future students because it is the most interesting three days a student could experience. We were able to explore our Canadian roots in the centre of Canada. We explored our history, our food, our sports and our buildings. Overall, we were able to receive knowledge of our county’s roots in a fun and exciting manner. There were a lot of smiles on the trip and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was a nice change from our regular routine. It was truly an exciting experience.


Grade 8 Student - Beynon Fields PS, YRDSB


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