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Top 5 Things to Do in Ottawa for Students

Top 5 Things to Do in Ottawa for Students featured image


Ever since the Canadian Parliament building went under construction, students have been wondering what they would be doing on their class trip. But we have some great news! Ottawa has more activities and exhibitions for students to see than ever before! So, here's a list of the top 5 newly renovated, revamped, and refreshed spots you should check out on your next student trip to Ottawa!

  1. Canada Science and Technology Museum 

    The Canada Science and Technology Museum reopened in 2017 after four years of renovation. Today, the Science and Technology Museum has 11 permanent exhibitions to tour! You can step into "Hidden Worlds" and use microscopes and telescopes to explore this ocean-themed world. Or check out "Discovery Park," an outdoor exhibition that gets you up close to sun panels, windmills, and other renewable energies!

    Teacher tip: Taking your students on a field trip to the Science and Tech Museum? Check out their virtual tour too! And be sure to look at what educational programs the museum offers for your grade.

    A rhinoceros horn section from the C.R. Percival's microscope slide collection at the Science & Tech Museum
  2. Bank of Canada Museum

    The Bank of Canada Museum reopened in 2017 at a new space with a newly designed building and concept. Experience the world's most complete collection of Canadian currency. The exhibitions will explain your role in the economy, and Canada's role in the world economy. Engage with over 400 artifacts on an interactive digital touch wall. And even build your own bank note! 

    Teacher tip: If you can't make it out to Ottawa, bring the Bank of Canada to your students with the guided classroom activity "Build a Bank Note." This activity is best for students in grades 4 to 8. It will engage your students in a discussion about what makes money, money.
  4. Canadian Museum of History

    Explore Canada's history, from the earliest civilization to modern time at the Canadian Museum of History. Each floor focuses on a different part of Canada's history like the children's museum or Canada's First Peoples exhibition. The Canadian History Hall opened in 2017 and is home to the largest exhibition on Canadian history, covering 15,000 years of Canadian history.


    Teacher tip: Take a look at the museum's online collection. The "explore at random" button will take you to a random selection of artifacts from their collection to explore at the comfort of your home. 
  5. Indigenous Experiences

    Newly rebranded, Indigenous Experiences will immerse you in a local Indigenous culture of Turtle Island. Guides will show you what it was like to live in the area during a tour of the village, after which you can watch a traditional Pow Wow dance. 


  6. Legislate This!

    A brand new Brightspark Exclusive activity will transform a group of students into a government. Elect a Prime Minister, debate and pass a bill into a law that changes the tour (i.e. girls always eat first!), and see how the res to the tour goes! Legislate This! is part of the Ottawa student tour. It will get your class outside and working together to learn about our governmental process.