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How to Pack Like a Genius: 5 Packing Tips to Become a Expert Traveller

How to Pack Like a Genius: 5 Packing Tips to Become a Expert Traveller featured image

At Brightspark, we've seen every packing blunder a traveller can make, from packing too much to packing too little, and from packing for summer in winter and vice versa. We've learned a few things about packing smart for your student tour, and want to share five simple tips to keep in mind next time you're wondering how many pairs of shoes can fit in your suitcase.

1. Less is More

Generally our educational tours last 3-5 days. We promise you don’t need two roller suitcases and a travel backpack to get through your trip. One small roller suitcase or duffle is more than enough. Your back will thank you. 

2. Expect Weather

Our dear friend Murphy has a law: If you don’t pack an umbrella, it will rain … we think that’s how it goes. If you are going on a spring tour expect cool nights and pack long pants and a sweatshirt. If you're travelling in June it can get super hot out there so be sure to bring walking shorts. Always bring an umbrella. 

3. Zip up your liquids

If we had a nickel for every time a student opened up their bag to find their awesome cologne or blue sparkle toothpaste had leaked all over their clothing, well we could probably pay for a trip to the moon.  Place all your toiletries in a zip-top bag to make sure they stay far away from your stylish garb. 

4. Pack your Medications

There’s nothing worse than having an allergy attack during cherry blossom season in Washington and realizing you forgot your Benadryl. Trust us on this one, we know from experience. If you have any prescriptions you need to take, Epi-pens for allergies, or need Gravol for motion sickness, make sure you pack it or give it to your teacher to hold. There is not always a pharmacy nearby.

5. Read your itinerary before you go

Have a look at our expertly crafted Brightspark itinerary. If there is a physical activity such as cycling or circus school, bring something comfortable that you can move in. If you are going to Mass bring something appropriate to wear in a church.  Remember you are on a school trip so school dress codes still apply.


For even more packing tips, check out our ultimate packing guide no matter the season or the destination.

Now you can start packing like an expert! We can't wait to see you on the road (with your well-packed bag, of course).