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Sliding Through Winter at Valcartier

Sliding Through Winter at Valcartier featured image

As I skim through the headlines I see people fed up with winter. Most are just sick of all this cold and snow. However, the people that enjoy winter activities love this. But who has time to learn how to ski or snowboard? And tobogganing can get so boring after a while. Well the people in Quebec City have a real treat just 20 minutes north of the old city, Valcartier Vacation Village, known as North America’s largest winter playground. Since opening in 1963 with only a couple slides, Valcartier has now become a popular place to visit for summer and winter. The park is open to all ages and the best part is that you don’t need to be an expert in winter athletics. The basics of riding these slides are:

  1. Put on your winter gear
  2. Jump in a tube
  3. Launch off the peak of a slope

Best of all, there is a conveyer belt of handles that you grab to bring you back up the slope. No more running up the hill with a heavy toboggan. 


Most of the slides are for all ages and located in the Avalanche and Central section with seven to nine slides to choose from in each area. However, for the adrenaline junkie there are slopes where you can reach up to 80 kilometers an hour and catch the beautiful view of the Jacques-Cartier River and Valley. 

These slopes are named after famous mountain ranges and peaks, such as “Himalaya” and “Everest.” At 33.5 meters high, Everest stands as one of their tallest slides and listed under their extreme category. Almost all the slides allow group sliding where you are able to link your tube with your friends. 

The "Tornado" is a unique addition to Valcartier Vacation Village. Three to eight people are allowed in the tube that spins all the way down the slide. Where else could you find yourself doing that with friends? 

Valcartier Vacation Village isn’t just about jumping in a tube and shooting off a slope. They also offer ice skating down a one kilometer path with spectacular lights and music. There is also, Ice Karting where you can jump in a specialized go kart for the ice. These activities make the park enjoyable for the entire family. If you want to take a break to warm up, the main building is beautifully designed to offer warm shelter and a nice place to refuel. They offer great food at student friendly prices.

At Brightspark, this is one of the exciting attractions that we get to offer our groups. If you have a chance, make it out to Valcartier Vacation Village for a truly different winter experience. You will not regret it!