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Things to Do on Your Student Trip to Spain

Things to Do on Your Student Trip to Spain featured image

Discover the history, culture and traditions of Spain that make it a top destination for student travel! Explore Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville and discover the world's first global empire to see iconic landmarks and well-known tourist spots while also experiencing these unique activities. 

Explore a Ranch: 

Bull Stable

Two bulls going head to head in a bull fight in Spain

Immerse yourself in 2,000 years of history at Campo Bravo Bull Stable as you learn about these majestic animals. This guided tour will introduce you to the art and passion behind Andalusia's famous bullfighting culture and will open your mind to this beautiful tradition. 

Tastiest Activity:

Paella Workshop

A wide dish with a yellowy-red sauce, shrimp, and oysters called Paella.
Grab your apron, it's time to cook! Learn the traditional dish of Spain from professional chefs at a Paella workshop. This dish, comprised of rice, green beans, meat, butter beans, and seasoned with saffron and rosemary. It has ancient roots in Valencia, and is seen by many as Spain's national dish. After your lesson, taste the finished dish with your classmates. 

Most Interesting Walk:


The statues at Alcazar in Cordoba, Spain, of three figures including the Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, and Christopher Columbus.

Explore the Andalusian city of Cordoba with a local guide. Discover the millennium of history and see how the cohabitation of religions have shaped its architecture and atmosphere. During your tour, you will see the Roman Mausoleum, the Jewish Quarter and the Mills of the Guadalquivir.