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Travelers Beware: You’re In For a Scare!

Travelers Beware: You’re In For a Scare! featured image


(Photo credit: Keegan O’Connor)

Halloween may be over, but Toronto’s Haunted Walk is always a spooktacular night out in any season.  A brave group from our Brightspark office ventured into the cold November air one November evening and headed to Toronto’s Historic Distillery District. Louis, our black cloaked, lantern-carrying expert on the more chilling aspects of Old Toronto’s history met us at the gate and prepared us for the experience to come.

Our 90-minute tour took us through parts of Toronto that even us locals had never seen before. Louis painted a picture of the Town of York before us, through a mixture of history, vivid storytelling and the surroundings of Toronto’s oldest buildings. We learned that even when everyone else has gone home you may not be the only one left to close up shop and rearrange the furniture, and that some people are so dedicated to their jobs that they keep showing up for work even after death. It is one thing to read about history but with Louis as our guide we felt like insiders privy to secret information. 

The usual 90-minute tour can be tailored to different age groups and can be shortened to 60 minutes. We loved our Ghosts and Spirits of Old Town tour, but if you are looking for more modern haunts, Toronto’s Haunted Walk departs from the Hockey Hall of Fame and takes you through the center of the city.

Regardless of which itinerary you take or which expert guide you get, you are sure to leave your tour looking over your shoulder and jumping at every little bump in the night. But the scariest thing would be missing out on this great new addition to our Toronto trips! And ff you happen to find yourself looking for something a bit spooky to add to your Ottawa or Kingston itineraries, the same Haunted Walk company has been delighting travelers to those destinations for years.