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Go, Discover, Inspire Storytelling Contest


Close your eyes and picture the one place you’re most excited to visit once the world opens up again. Maybe you’re standing on the white sandy beaches of Barcelona, ready to visit Gaudí’s masterpieces and eat platefuls of paella in the centre of town. Perhaps you’re exploring Canada’s capital city with your best friends, or soaking up unforgettable views of Niagara Falls and Toronto with family. Let your wanderlust whisk you away—and get rewarded for your creativity—by entering Brightspark’s student storytelling contest!


We’re eager to get out and see the world again, and we know you are, too! Tell us where your imagination takes you when you think about travelling outside of your hometown.

We want to know:

  • Where do you want to travel to when the world opens back up?
  • What would you like to do there with your classmates?
  • What would you like to see while on this trip that you’ve learned about in the classroom?

Keep in mind, your responses should reflect a destination you wish to visit, not one that you’ve travelled to before. Check out examples of student submissions below.
Everyone expresses their creativity differently, so submissions are open to written essays, photo journals, short stories, and videos (TikTok and InstaReels welcomed)!

Teachers, download and share this pdf with your students.

The Prizes

For students:


  • 1st Place (monthly): $250 Gift Card OR Apple AirPods (with charging case) + submission posted on blog
  • 2 Runners Up (monthly): Herschel Travel Kit
  • Bonus: Every student who enters will receive a $20 discount* on a 2022 or 2023 Brightspark tour!

For schools:

Each student who enters the contest will count as one school entry for the grand prize. At the end of the three-month contest, we will draw a winner whose school will receive a $1,000 bursary* to be applied to a 2022 or 2023 Brightspark tour.

How To Enter

To submit your work click here.

Submissions open between April 1 and June 30 to qualify.

On behalf of the Brightspark team, we wish you the best of luck!

*Non-transferable; cannot be combined with other promotions. See Terms & Conditions.

Sample Submissions


As a Grade 10 French Immersion student, it has always been my dream to visit Paris. I’m fluent in French but have not had the opportunity to travel to a place where I can put my language skills to the test by ordering a croissant or speaking with locals. I’m not entirely sure when it will be safe to travel, but I hope I am able to have the same life-changing experience that my sister had when she visited Paris and Barcelona a few years ago. She said it was the best experience of her life!

For many years, I’ve pictured myself sitting below the Eiffel Tower with a baguette and book in hand. To learn about literature and art in the place where so much of it was created and influenced would be incredible, and I can only imagine how different it would be from learning in the classroom. I want to visit the street side cafes, eat from the local patisseries, try ALL of the cheeses (I’ve heard there are over 1,000 different types in France!), and walk along the River Seine. The Louvre Museum and Musée d'Orsay are also on my must-see list, and I feel that I could wander around each for days. I’d love to see the Mona Lisa and decide for myself whether or not she smiles—for that to become a reality would be a dream come true!

I hope I am able to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night over the city, and I hope I can use my French language skills with the local Parisians to finally order that croissant. But until then, I will stay hopeful and keep dreaming.


As a proud, self-proclaimed history nerd, I can’t wait to someday visit Greece. Greece is my dream destination because, while I love all aspects of history, the Classics hold a special place in my heart. For me, Ancient Greece has it all: emperors (both good and evil), the birth of democracy, philosophy, incredible and timeless art, horrific violence, and super interesting mythology all rolled into one very important historical time period.

I hope to someday actually set foot in the places I’ve been learning about for the past several years. I’d love to explore famous sites like the Parthenon and catch incredible views of Athens from high up on the Acropolis with my classmates. One day, I’ll stand in the Theatre of Dyanisus, where many Greek comedies and tragedies were performed under the stars. Maybe I’ll even get to touch the Oracle, or dip my toes in the Aegean Sea on a cruise around the Greek Islands!

In addition to these wonderful sights, I’m super excited to try authentic Greek food. I absolutely love all of the Greek foods I’ve tried so far, like souvlaki, pitas, tzatziki, and Greek salad. But I think it will be really fun to compare the Greek food from home versus the real deal. I also hope to try a real Athenian gyro and maybe even dolmodaikia while I’m there—and who knows what else?

The countdown to my dream travel experience continues. Until then, I will keep imagining walking in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, as well as all of the historic sites and delicious food that I can’t wait to enjoy! Maybe it’s time to start thinking about my packing list…


The city that I most want to visit once things go back to normal is Ottawa, our nation’s capital! We’ve learned about the Canadian government for years in class, and I think being able to visit would be an incredible way to see how our country works up close.

I dream of running for office when I’m old enough, so I’d love to visit my future workplace on a trip to Ottawa. First, I’ll explore Parliament Hill and see where ministers and senators work every day to make our nation even better. I’m looking forward to seeing the many statues and monuments outside the Parliament buildings that honour important figures from Canada’s history, like Queen Victoria and Sir John A. Macdonald.

I really want to take a guided tour of Rideau Hall so I can understand what it’s like to live in Canada’s House. I think it will bring my history lessons to life when I see where the Governor Generals have lived since the Confederation was formed in 1867. I hear there’s even an indoor tennis court!

I’m bound to get hungry during my trip, so I’ll definitely make time for a stop at ByWard Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the country. I’m not sure if I’ll go for sweet or savory first—maybe I’ll start with a shawarma or local cheese, and, of course, I can’t leave until I’ve had a BeaverTail or two. My mouth is already watering just waiting to head out on this adventure! I’m counting down the moments until we can get back out and travel again.