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3 Great Places to Eat at on Your Quebec City Student Tour!

3 Great Places to Eat at on Your Quebec City Student Tour! featured image

Walking through the cobblestone streets of Quebec City is the closest you will get to Europe in Canada. This gorgeous city is chock-full of history, which makes it a prime destination for student tours. We talked to our Tour Leaders to see what sweet treats they recommend for students when wandering through this gorgeous city. 

Chocolaterie de l'Ile d’Orleans

Best treat for students

A beautiful view of the sign outside Chocolaterie de l'Jle d'Orleans in Quebec City.

Chocolaterie de l'Ile d’Orleans is a hidden gem. Situated across the river from Old Quebec, this shop features handmade chocolates and ice cream made the old fashioned way. Students can shop for souvenirs and choose from 24 flavours of ice cream to dip in luxurious chocolate. Make sure your class is photo ready, as the location offers a perfect view of the city in the background. 


Le Chic Shack

Best treat for teachers

Two cups on a table and one is filled with coke and the other has a tall milkshake with whip cream from the Quebec City restaurant called Chic Shack.

Teachers, take time for yourself while your students participate in an exciting activity with their Tour Leader. Step into Le Chic Shack on the Dufferin Terrace, right by the Musee du Fort and the Samuel de Champlain statue, for a silky, sweet milkshake. Made with old-fashioned ice cream, these shakes come in standard flavours but our staff recommends testing out their weekly specials!

Chez Marie

Most Drool-Worthy Snack

A photo looking at the restaurant Chez Marie in Quebec City.

Chez Marie is the perfect snack for groups on their tour heading out to Canyon Sainte-Anne along the Beaupré Coast. When you open the doors to the stone dwelling that dates back to 1652, you will be overwhelmed by the smell of freshly baked bread. This bread is then slathered with their famous, homemade maple butter which will have you savouring each delicious bite!