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7 Reasons to Book Your Student Tour Early

7 Reasons to Book Your Student Tour Early featured image


There’s something special about the start of the school year. The students are buzzing with tales of the summer, catching up with old friends and forging new friendships. Everyone is ready to tackle a new school year.  Chances are booking your school trip is not top of mind. That's why we recommend getting ahead of the game by booking early. Read on to learn the top seven benefits of booking ahead including big savings and preferred attractions!




1. The early bird catches the tour… they want

When you book early not only do you have more time to plan on your end, but your tour company does as well. If you have your heart set on a specific attraction, chances are greater to guarantee that selection if you book early, before everyone else.


2. More time to recruit

Booking early gives you more time:  time to plan, time to budget, and most importantly, time to recruit students! On average the group size of early bookers is nearly 50% larger than late bookers. Double the group size, double the amount of fun, and double the travel experience for your students.  Who wouldn’t want that?


3. Make budgeting easier

Parents work hard for their money and the school year brings its own expenses.  Booking early not only gives parents more time to budget for a school trip,  but also allows them to make smaller payments over a longer period of time, thus ensuring their child an experience they’ll never forget.


4. Book hotel space before it’s gone

Hotel selection is a key element to any successful trip, and having a comfortable hotel to rest and recharge your batteries is paramount. Booking early offers you peace of mind in the ideal accommodations for your trip.


5. Two scholarships are better than one!

Every Brightspark tour comes with one Scholarship per motorcoach, but when you book early you have the oppportunity to earn a second. Scholarships are key in ensuring students who come from lower income households have a chance to participate in tours they might not have been able to afford otherwise.


6. Raise more funds

From planning your fundraiser, promoting it, and running the event(s) - more time means more success. On average, tours booked over a year in advance earned 4.5 times more money through fundraising.


7. Receive the best travel deals

By booking early with Brightspark you can save on the overall tour price through early-bird pricing and this years price on next years tour. Our early booking incentives allow you and your students to save BIG.


Overall it’s a win-win situation for teachers, students and parents by booking your student tour early. It opens the experience up to more students, allows you more time to prepare, parents are given more time to budget, and did we mention you qualify for additional scholarships! Who wouldn’t want to reap the rewards of an early booking bonus?


Ready to start saving?

Click below to learn about our current early booking incentives.




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