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Brightspark Exclusive: Urban Caching

Brightspark Exclusive: Urban Caching featured image

Just past the National Gallery and overlooking the Ottawa River is Nepean Point, the gorgeous location of Urban Caching. This Brightspark Exclusive has students working together to find clues that reveal interesting facts about Ottawa! 

The activity leader begins by directing everyone's attention to the Samuel de Champlain statue and his curious upside down astrolabe, an old navigational instrument, to give students context for the activity.

In small groups, these young explorers will learn how to use a "compass" or GPS and find the pre-loaded points that correspond with the list of clues. 

Once teams hear "GO!," they will race to the treasure. The first team to pass the last point with all the correct answers wins!

All answer sheets will be handed in to the tour leaders for The Adventure as you continue your student educational tour. 

Add Urban Caching to your Ottawa student tour to get your class outside, working together and learning fun facts about our nation's capital.