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Things to Do on a European Battlefield Tour for High School Students!

Things to Do on a European Battlefield Tour for High School Students! featured image

Let your students get up close and personal with the historic sites that played a part in both World Wars on your Battlefield Student Tour through EnglandBelgium and France. Along with a full-day tour of the D-Day Beaches, here are a few suggestions for unique student travel experiences your high school history class will remember forever.

Uncover the History: Churchill War Rooms

London, England

A few people standing by the sign and building for the Churchill War Rooms.

Explore the Churchill War Rooms, an underground bunker that sheltered Winston Churchill and his cabinet as they plotted victory during the Second World War. Your students will have a chance to walk through the rooms and corridors below Westminster. They will also have the chance to check out the Churchill museum to learn more about this historical moment. 


Pay Your Respects: Last Post Ceremony

Ypres, Belgium

A view of the Menin Gate on a sunny day in Ypres, France.

Collect your wreath and attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. This ceremony happens at 8 PM every day. You students will join the crowds and wait silently for the ceremony to start. The ceremony consists of some combination of a parade, a call to attention, the Last Post, the Exhortation, a minute of silence, the Lament, the laying of the wreath, flags, banners, standards, and reveille. Pay your respects together with your class to those who died protecting their town and lay your wreath as the bugles pay a moving tribute. 

Head Underground: Wellington Quarry

Arras, France

A dimly lit look into the cave-like Wellington Quarry in Arras, France.

Descend 20 feet below the ground to the Wellington Quarry. Below ground, there's a museum where students can learn about the British Army and Dominion Forces that lived in the city during the First World War. Guided tours will take students through the tunnels and also help them become familiar with the artifacts discovered in the Quarry. Here you will learn about the thousands of men who lived in these tunnels underneath Arras during the First World War.